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May 10, 2012 12:00pm PDT
work being done in the united states. >> two and a half to $3 billion of our taxpayer's money, and we're trying to make sure that money goes to american workers and american jobs and made here in america. >> they delivered petitions to this morning's board meeting. there were bids from the french and canada. >> we want bay area travelers to have reliable cars sooner rather than later, and we want to put jobs in america now. we would recommend that they accept the recommendations. >> no american companies make the kind of train cars that are used. >>> less than 24 hours after making his historic announcement in support of same sex marriage, president obama is heading here to california. the president left washington d.c. this morning. his first stop see ale where he's attending a political fundraiser and later to los angeles us to the home of george clooney. back in washington his change of heart on same sex marriage may be energizing liberals and social conservatives. >> i think the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle when it comes to the enthusiasm issue behind the romney campaign may h
May 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
is held as parts of police work. >>> the united states army is undertaking a massive review of how it diagnoses and treats post traumatic stress disorder. this comes after the army reversed many diagnoses. some of these diagnoses were later reinstated. washington senator patty murray says she is worried that the army is short changing ptsd victims because it wants to save money on medical benefits. >>> authorities in new york say that any maire kennedy, the estranged wife of robert kennedy, jr. died of asphyxiation. mary richardson kennedy was found dead in her home in bedford, new york. her death has not been ruled a suicide officially but it is believed she hung herself and she had troubles with drugs and alcohol addiction. >>> caltrain employees met students and other passengers at the san francisco station this morning. workers said that they are deeply affected every time someone takes their life by walking on to the train tracks. nine workers are taking part in a fundraising walk next month in san francisco called out of the darkness overnight. they hope to raise $9000 for su
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2